Red-eyed Fairy Samaecicada subolivacea (Ashton, 1912)
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Originally described as Pauropsalta subolivacea. Species number (TNS): 456. Fore wing length: 13–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Mainly restricted to the Hawkesbury Sandstone region of New South Wales, including parts of Greater Sydney and the Blue Mountains, south to near Nowra. Adults can occur from December to March, but are most typically active from December to January. Notable localities: Royal National Park, Leura (both Emery family). Habitat: Found in open woodland areas with elements of heath. Specimens have been found in Hakea shrubs. Calling song and behaviour: Males produce a fast ticking call. Singing occurs sporadically throughout the day and there can be long periods of silence between brief bouts of calling. Similar species: This species shares some broad similarities with the genus Taurella. Some poorly-known relatives of S. subolivacea occur in south-west Western Australia. database record
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