Wallum Sedge-clicker Limnopsalta stradbrokensis (Distant, 1915)
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Previously known as Cicadetta stradbrokensis. Species number (TNS):        249. Fore wing length:               18–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  South-east Queensland from Woodgate near Bundaberg south to near Burleigh Heads, including Fraser Island and the Moreton Bay Islands. Adults are present from September to March. Notable localities:             North Stradbroke Island, Caloundra, Beerwah, Burbank (Brisbane). Habitat:                                   Populations occur in areas of wallum heathland adjacent to swamps. Adult cicadas occur on sedges and low shrubs. Calling song and behaviour:    A pleasant, musical clicking with bursts of audible wing-snapping. Adults are mobile and wary. At some locations it is a common species, but it is often uncommon in marginal habitats and disturbed areas. Colour variation:                     Varies from dark brown with lighter brown or olive-green markings, to dominantly orange- brown in some specimens. Similar species:                                   Paperbark Cicada, which may be found in similar habitat.
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