Wallum Sedge-clicker Limnopsalta stradbrokensis (Distant, 1915)
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Previously known as Cicadetta stradbrokensis. Species number (TNS): 249. Fore wing length: 18–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality: South-east Queensland and northern New South Wales from Woodgate near Bundaberg south to Hastings Point, including Fraser Island and the Moreton Bay Islands. Adults are present from September to March. Notable localities: North Stradbroke Island, Caloundra, Beerwah, Burbank (Brisbane). Habitat: Populations occur in areas of wallum heathland adjacent to swamps. Adult cicadas occur on sedges and low shrubs. Calling song and behaviour: A pleasant, musical clicking with bursts of audible wing-snapping. Adults are mobile and wary. At some locations it is a common species, but it is often uncommon in marginal habitats and disturbed areas. Colour variation: Varies from dark brown with lighter brown or olive-green markings, to dominantly orange- brown in some specimens. Similar species: Paperbark Cicada, which may be found in similar habitat.
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