Originally described as Gagatopsalta obscurus. Species number (TNS): 364. Fore wing length: 15–17 mm. Distribution and seasonality: This species is only known from the Adavale district, south-west Queensland. Adults may be present from November to January. Notable localities: Adavale (A. Ewart). Habitat: Woodland dominated by Gidyea (Acacia cambagei). Calling song and behaviour: Syncopated double ticking, produced at a moderately high frequency: "clip-clop clip-clop clip clop..." etc. Adults prefer to sit on the outer branches of Gidyea. They are difficult to approach. Similar species: Painted Brigalow Ticker.
Clip-clop Cicada Gagatopsalta obscura Ewart, 2005
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Recording provided by A. Ewart