Eastern Sandgrinder Arenopsaltria nubivena (Walker, 1858)
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Species number (TNS): 013. Fore wing length: 21–28 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From north-western Victoria west across adjacent parts of South Australia to near Eneabba in Western Australia and north to west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and the Windorah district in western Queensland. Adults occur from December to March. Notable localities: Windorah district (A. Ewart), Kimba (M.S. Moulds), Wyperfield National Park, Malinong (A. Stolarski). Habitat: Populations occur in arid shrublands and mallee in sandy areas. Calling song and behaviour: A course, grating, continuous call. Adults typically sit on low vegetation, but occasionally occur on the trunks of mallee eucalypts. Similar species: Sandgrinder.
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