Copper Shrub-buzzer Chelapsalta myoporae Ewart, Popple and Marshall, 2015
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Previously referred to as Notopsalta sp. B. Species number (TNS): 278. Fore wing length: 15–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the Channel Country north- east to Clermont, east to Jondaryan and near Eidsvold in Queensland, south to Wyalong and Euabalong in New South Wales and south-west to the Flinders Ranges and northern Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Adults occur from September to February. Notable localities: Lake Broadwater, Mariala National Park, Oodla-Wirra (D. Rentz). Habitat: Woodland and scrubland where adults occur in association with shrubs and small trees, particularly Eremophila sp. (Myoporaceae). Calling song and behaviour: Moderately-paced chirping with an intermittent “hiccups”. Adults are not particularly mobile unless they are disturbed directly and can often be easily approached. Similar species: Cassinia Cicada (species complex).
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