Strident Squawker Pauropsalta melanopygia (Germar, 1834)
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Species number (TNS): 379. Fore wing length: 18–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Occurs throughout the Top End of the Northern Territory, specifically in the area bounded by Darwin in the north-west, Kakadu National Park in the north-east, Cape Crawford in the south-east and Timber Creek in the south-west. A population has also been discovered in the eastern Kimblery region of Western Australia. Adults occur from November to February. Notable localities: Kununurra (S. Ong), Litchfield National Park, Alligator River, Nourlangie Rock. Habitat: Open eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A slowly emitted series of phrases, each containing a brief rattle leading up to a short buzz. After several successive phrases a phrase with a longer buzz is produced. Adults sit of the main trunks of eucalypts. Similar species: Little Orange Squawker (species complex). database record
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