Black Grass-zipper Paradina leichardti (Distant, 1882)
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Previously known as Urabunana leichardti. Species number (TNS): 301. Fore wing length: 11–13 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Subtropical Queensland, from Glenden, Yeppoon and Clermont in south through Springsure, Theodore, Taroom, Eidsvold, Kilkivan to the Fassifern Valley near Brisbane. Adults occur from November to January. Notable localities: Boonah, Biloela. Habitat: Populations are found in open grassland and grassy woodlands and shrublands in sub-humid areas. Adults occur primarily on grass. Calling song and behaviour: Sharp, high frequency chirps. Males call in sunny conditions. This species emerges in response to rain and is usually locally common. It is moderately mobile and will often fly if approached. Similar species: Mount Surprise Grass-zipper, New England Buzzer. database record
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