Turkey Bush Cicada Erempsalta hermannsburgensis (Distant, 1907)
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Formerly known as Cicadetta hermannsburgensis. Species number (TNS): 257, 258. Fore wing length: 14–21 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Central Australia in the area bounded by Charleville in Queensland, Hillston in New South Wales, Menzies in Western Australia and Hermannsburg in the Northern Territory. An isolated population also occurs on the coast of north-west Western Australia. Adults occur from October to February. Notable localities: Birdsville Track, Alice Springs. Habitat: Low arid scrubland and shrubland, often in association with Turkey Bush (Eremophila gilesii). Calling song and behaviour: A regular cadence of buzzing notes, emitted at a moderately high frequency. Adults sit on the stems of low shrubs. Similar species: Green Spinifex Rattler.
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