Southern Mountain Squeaker Atrapsalta furcilla Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS): 418. Fore wing length: 14–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Cool temperate areas from Clandulla in central New South Wales south through the Australian Capital Territory, the south coast of New South Wales and much of Victoria to Tasmania and west to Mt Gambier in south-east South Australia (B. Haywood). Adults occur from late October to January. Notable localities: Brindabella Range, Canberra, Newstead (Victoria), Hobart, Mt Gambier. Habitat: Populations occur in cool temperate eucalypt forests. Calling song and behaviour: Two main components. The first resembles the call of a Paperbark Cicada. The second part of the song consists of syncopated ticking interspersed with short buzz notes. Adults sit on the main trunks and upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species: Black Squeaker, Sandstone Squeaker (species complex). database record
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