Hibiscus Cicada Taurella forresti (Distant, 1882)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta forresti. Species number (TNS): 449. Fore wing length: 15–22 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Coastally and subcoastally from Cooktown in north Queensland south to Taree in New South Wales. Adults occur from September to April. Notable localities: Cairns, Finch Hatton, St Lucia. Habitat: Tropical and subtropical rainforest, riparian vegetation and gardens, particularly in association with hibiscus, including Hibiscus tiliaceus and H. heterophyllus. Calling song and behaviour: A series of short, high-pitched hiss-like "ziits" followed by a longer, continuous hiss. Singing can occur throughout the day, especially under cloud cover and during early morning, at late afternoon and at dusk in sunny weather. Similar species: None; a distinctive species.
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