Alpine Hairy Cicada Tettigarcta crinita Distant, 1883
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Species number (TNS): 001. Fore wing length: 35–43 mm. Distribution and seasonality: A montane and alpine distribution from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, south and west to the Otway Range in Victoria. Adults may be present from January through to May. Notable localities: Kanangra Wall, Brindabella, Yarrangobilly, Otway National Park. Habitat: Subalpine and cool temperate eucalypt forest and woodland; edges of temperate rainforest. Calling song and behaviour: Males communicate using vibration through the substrate rather than producing an airborne song. Adults are nocturnally active, hiding in crevices and under loose bark during the day. Similar species: Tasmanian Hairy Cicada.
Male database record
Currently known extent
Typical form, Rules Point, New South Wales
Reddish form, Otway Ranges. Bottom two images © Nick Romanowski.