Green Desert Ticker Pipilopsalta ceuthoviridis Ewart, 2005
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Species number (TNS): 260. Fore wing length: 10–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland Australia from Jondaryan north-west to Mount Isa in Queensland, west to Anburla Creek in the Northern Territory and south to Neales River near Lake Eyre in South Australia. Adults occur after rain, between August and March. Notable localities: Bollon (Simon lab), Lake Houdraman, Clunie (A. Ewart). Habitat: Open grassland. Calling song and behaviour: A monotonous series of high- pitched chirps, emitted at a fairly fast rate. Adults sit on the stems of grass. Colour variation: Specimens are typically green, but a yellow morph has also been found (pictured). Green-coloured specimens often fade to a yellow- brown after death. Similar species: None; a distinctive cicada.
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