Silver Princess Yoyetta celis (Moulds, 1988)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta celis. Other name(s): Pale Ambertail. Species number (TNS): 481. Fore wing length: 23–31 mm. Distribution and seasonality: A temperate distribution, from the Granite Belt region in southern Queensland south along the coast and ranges of New South Wales, through the Australian Capital Territory and further to Melbourne in Victoria. Adults are present from September to February. Notable localities: Stanthorpe, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne. Habitat: Typically found in association with tea trees (Leptospermum spp.) and occasionally on Melaleuca spp. wherever they grow in clumps in open forest and woodland. Also occurs in gardens. Calling song and behaviour: A quiet series of phrases: "zip zip zip zip zip zip..." sung in unison. Adults usually sit on the stems of tea trees and will fly readily when approached. Similar species: Zipping Ambertail, Western Sydney Ambertail. database record
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