Red Tree-ticker Birrima castanea (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Species number (TNS): 520. Fore wing length: 25–34 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Mostly higher rainfall, warm temperate coastal areas and nearby ranges, from Cooloola National Park in Queensland south to Wisemans Ferry in Greater Sydney, New South Wales. An isolated population occurs at Mt Kaputar in inland northern New South Wales. This species does not occur in the suburbs of Brisbane; however it is present on most of the surrounding mountains. It occurs in forested areas around Newcastle and Gosford. Adults may be present from September to February. Notable localities: Landsborough, Mount Nebo, Mount Tamborine, Bulahdelah, Wisemans Ferry (B. Smith). Habitat: Clearings and edges of subtropical rainforest, wet riparian vegetation and wet sclerophyll forest. Calling song and behaviour: Slow, repeated “zeeeeeet” phrases emitted whilst in flight. . Males are very active and fly continuously, but will come to rest on trees, shrubs and occasionally on posts and other man-made structures. Females usually sit quietly on trees and shrubs. Similar species: Black Tree-ticker (species complex). database record
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