Greengrocer Cyclochila australasiae (Donovan, 1805)
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Species number (TNS): 048. Fore wing length: 50–58 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Temperate areas from Kroombit Tops in Queensland south through the higher rainfall areas of New South Wales to the eastern half of Victoria. An isolated population is present in the Grampians in western Victoria and around Mount Gambier in south-eastern South Australia. Adults typically occur from October to January. Notable localities: Mount Tamborine, Tenterfield, Macksville, Sydney, Blackheath, Braidwood, Bairnsdale, Melbourne. Habitat: Rainforest margins, open forest, parkland and gardens. Calling song and behaviour: A loud, metallic, continuous drone or a pulsing call, with notes produced abruptly and with readily detectable pauses between each note. The call has distinctive pure tone elements. Adults sit on the branches and stems of trees, including eucalypts and a wide variety of exotic species. Colour variation: A prominent feature of this species. The green form (Greengrocer) is found across the entire distribution of the species; dead specimens often fade to yellow. The yellow form (Yellow Monday) is also found throughout the distribution, but is generally less prevalent than the green form. An orange and black form (Masked Devil) has an orange thorax and head, with black markings and a shiny black abdomen; this is found most commonly in montane areas and patchily in coastal lowland districts throughout eastern New South Wales. The brown form (Chocolate Soldier) is present where the yellow form occurs, but not commonly encountered. A rare blue form (Blue Moon) has been collected occasionally in the Sydney area. Another rarely seen variety, the red form (Red Warrior), has occasionally been encountered in New South Wales. Intermediate varieties also occur in some areas. Similar species: Northern Greengrocer.
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