False Bladder Cicada Cystopsalta sp. (cf. immaculata)
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Species number (TNS): 599. Fore wing length: 44–51 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Currently known only from Queensland where it occurs from the Windsor Tableland south to Paluma, at Eungella west of Mackay and from Yarraman south to the Tallebudgera Valley. Notable localities: Julatten, Kuranda, Eungella, Mount Glorious (A. Hiller), Mount Tamborine. Habitat: Lush tropical and subtropical rainforest, especially on rich basaltic soils. Calling song and behaviour: A strong rattling whistle, much like the call of a mole cricket. Males sing for 20–30 minutes just after dusk. Adults sit in the foliage of rainforest trees. Colour variation: Specimens often fade from vivid green to dark green or yellow-brown after death. Similar species: Bladder Cicada, Rare Bladder Cicada.
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