Fiery Ambertail Yoyetta ignita Popple and Emery, 2022
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Species number (TNS): 495. Fore wing length: 23–34 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From Goomburra and Mount Tamborine in south-east Queensland south along the Great Dividing Range and outlying peaks through New South Wales to Mt Ainslie in the Australian Capital Territory. Adults occur from October to February. Notable localities: Girraween National Park, Mt Kaputar, Armidale, Mt Ainslie. Habitat: This species is usually found in tall open forest on mountain slopes. It occasionally occurs in groves of montane mallee, heathland and she-oak forest. Calling song and behaviour: Rapid ticking interspersed with low-pitched "zeeep-zeep" phrases that give the song a ventriloquial quality. Males call whilst stationary. Adults prefer to sit on the upper limbs, where they are hard to observe. Similar species: Robust Ambertail, Clicking Ambertail. database record
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