Southern Ticking Ambertail Yoyetta australicta Popple and Emery, 2022
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Species number (TNS): 484. Fore wing length: 24–27 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges south to Mount Barker in South Australia and from near Coonabarabran south to Talleganda National Park in New South Wales, as well as throughout much of the Australian Capital Territory. Adults occur from October to January. Notable localities: Canberra, Adelaide. Habitat: Eucalypt woodland and adjacent parkland. Calling song and behaviour: A series of sharp ticks, often produced whilst in flight. When calling males are stationary, occasionally a short, soft chirp is produced at the end of the bout of ticking. Adults sit on the upper branches and stems of eucalypts. Similar species: Clicking Ambertail, Zipping Ambertail. database record
Currently known extent