Dusky Treetop Ticker Yoyetta sp. (cf. tristrigata)
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Species number (TNS): 469. Fore wing length: 23–31 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known to occur from the Mount Moffatt section of Carnarvon National Park to north-west of Roma in inland Queensland. Adults are present from at least October to February. Notable localities: Mt Moffatt. Habitat: Woodland, typically where it is dominated with a mix of Poplar Box (Eucalyptus populnea) and Grey Box (E. micocarpa). Calling song and behaviour: Soft ticking, similar to Coastal Treetop Ticker. Males fly actively about the canopy of and sing sporadically throughout the day and at dusk. Similar species: Coastal Treetop Ticker, Dark Treetop Ticker.
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