Normanton Squawker Pauropsalta walkeri Moulds and Owen, 2011
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Species number (TNS):                          375. Fore wing length:                                 20–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality:             From near Top Springs in north-west Northern Territory east along the Gulf of Carpentaria as far as Normanton and south to near Kynuna. Adults occur from December to February. Notable localities:                               Normanton. Habitat:                                                  Eucalypt woodland, typically in the vicinity of watercourses. Calling song and behaviour:                     Short phrases comprising a group of clicks followed by a chirp, emitted at a regular rhythm. Adults sit on the main trunks and upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species:                                   Dusty Squawker, Tropical Orange Squawker. database record
Currently known extent
Recording provided by A. Ewart