Green Cherrynose Macrotristria sylvara (Distant, 1901)
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Other name(s):                 Northern Cherrynose. Species number (TNS):        056. Fore wing length:               48–62 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  Coastal northern Queensland, from the islands of the Torres Strait south to Ingham. Adults occur from December to March. Notable localities:       Cooktown, Ellis Beach, Cairns. Habitat:                                   Coastal bushland, open forest and parkland. Calling song and behaviour:    A strong continuous rattling call, interspersed with sequences of fluctuating pulses or revving. Tiger Cherrynose has a near identical call. Adults sit on the upper branches of eucalypts and other large native and exotic trees. Colour variation:                    Live specimens are bright green with yellow markings, but these colours tend to fade after death. Similar species:                Tiger Cherrynose. database record
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