Genus Simona Moulds, 2012 Eremophila and senna cicadas, Sooty Shrub-buzzer
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Distribution:                   Throughout the central Australian arid zone. Area of diversity:                Western Queensland. Locality of highest diversity: near Kambalda (Simon lab) (five species). List of species: Roaring Senna Cicada Simona erema Ewart, Popple and Marshall, 2015 Charleville Eremophila Cicada Simona retracta Ewart, Popple and Marshall, 2015 Western Eremophila Cicada Simona sancta (Distant, 1913) West Plains Eremophila Cicada Simona sp. (cf. sancta) Southern Eremophila Cicada Simona sp. (cf. sancta) Eremophila Cicada Simona sp. 218 Sooty Shrub-buzzer Simona  sp. 642 database record
Currently known extent
West Plains Eremophila Cicada
Southern Eremophila Cicada
Eremophila Cicada
Sooty Shrub-buzzer
Western Eremophila Cicada