Genus Popplepsalta Owen and Moulds, 2016 Red-eyed squeakers and scratchers
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Distribution:                   Temperate southern, arid central and monsoonal northern mainland Australia. Apparently absent from the eastern subtropics. Area of diversity:                Inland eastern Queensland, with three species at many localities. Locality of highest diversity: Eidsvold (five species). List of species: Blue-banded Scratcher Popplepsalta aeroides Owen and Moulds, 2016 Sprinkler Squeaker Popplepsalta annulata (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Ephemeral Squeaker Popplepsalta ayrensis (Ewart, 1989) Blackdown Squeaker Popplepsalta blackdownensis (Popple, 2013) Western Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta corymbiae (Popple, 2013) Static Squeaker Popplepsalta decora (Popple, 2013) Northern Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta granitica (Popple, 2013) Retro Squeaker Popplepsalta inversa (Popple, 2013) Mimic Squeaker Popplepsalta kobongoides (Popple, 2013) Inland Sprinkler Squeaker Popplepsalta notialis incitata (Popple, 2013) Southern Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta notialis notialis (Popple, 2013) Canberra Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta sp. (cf. notialis) Red Scratcher Popplepsalta rubristrigata (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Rose Gum Squeaker Popplepsalta sp. (cf. rubristrigata) Atherton Squeaker Popplepsalta simplex  (Popple, 2013) Subtropical Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta subtropica (Popple, 2013) Hughenden Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta torrensis (Popple, 2013) Maraca Squeaker Popplepsalta tremula (Popple, 2013) Small Adelaide Squeaker Pauropsalta stigmatica Distant, 1905 database record
Currently known extent
Sprinkler Squeaker
Retro Squeaker
Ephemeral Squeaker
Blackdown Squeaker
Western Red-eyed Squeaker
Northern Red-eyed Squeaker
Static Squeaker
Mimic Squeaker
Inland Sprinkler Squeaker
Southern Red-eyed Squeaker
Canberra Red-eyed Squeaker
Red Scratcher
Blue-banded Scratcher
Atherton Squeaker
Subtropical Red-eyed Squeaker
Hughenden Red-eyed Squeaker
Maraca Squeaker
Rose Gum Squeaker