Genus Palapsalta Moulds, 2012 Tree-buzzers
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Distribution:                   Throughout northern Australia and also along the east coast, generally avoided temperate regions. Area of diversity:                North-eastern Australia, with one to three species found at most localities. Locality of highest diversity: Herberton (four species). List of species: Bronze Tree-buzzer Palapsalta circumdata  (Walker, 1852) (species complex) Yellow Tree-buzzer Palapsalta eyrei (Distant, 1882) Darwin Tree-buzzer Palapsalta (cf. eyrei) Lime Tree-buzzer Palapsalta (cf. eyrei) Northern River Tree- buzzer Palapsalta palaga Owen and Moulds, 2016 Pale-sided Tree-buzzer Palapsalta serpens Owen and Moulds, 2016 Striped Tree-buzzer Palapsalta virgulata  (Ewart, 1989) (species complex) Eastern River Tree-buzzer Palapsalta vitellina (Ewart, 1989) database record
Currently known extent
Bronze Tree-buzzer
Eastern River Tree-buzzer
Yellow Tree-buzzer
Northern River Tree-buzzer
Darwin Tree-buzzer
Lime Tree-buzzer
Striped Tree-Buzzer
Pale-sided Tree-Buzzer