Large Mallee Squawker Pauropsalta infuscata (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Species number (TNS):                          693. Fore wing length:                                 19–25 mm. Distribution and seasonality:             Southern Australia from Condoblin in central New South Wales west to Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, with a disjunct population in the southern Goldfields region of Western Australia. Notable localities:                               Ravensthorpe, Samon Gums, Quorn, Round Hill Nature Reserve. Habitat:                                                  Populations occur in mallee woodland. Calling song and behaviour:                     Low-pitched, with an extended notes followed by a series of short notes, then repeated. Males call from the main trunks and lower branches of mallee eucalypts. Similar species:                                   Slender Squawker. database record
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