Herveys Range Squawker Pauropsalta herveyensis Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS):                          695. Fore wing length:                                 27–31 mm. Distribution and seasonality:             Known only from Herveys Range west of Townsville. Adults occur fduring January. Notable localities:                               Herveys Range. Habitat:                                                  Rucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour:                     Has two components. The first component consists of a long buzz. The second component contains a series of chirps, emitted at a moderately rapid rate. Calling males generally occur on the main trunks or upper branches of eucalypts. They call during warm, sunny conditions. Similar species:                                   Tropical Orange Squawker, Dusty Squawker, Fairy Dust Squawker, Herberton Squawker.
Herberton Squawker
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Fairy Dust Squawker