Genus Gudanga Distant, 1905 Blackwings
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Distribution:                   Inland areas of eastern Australia and also central and south Western Australia. Potentially absent from central Australia. Area of diversity:                Central and southern Western Australia. Locality of highest diversity: Lake Douglas (two species; Simon lab). List of species: Northern Brigalow Blackwing Gudanga adamsi Moulds, 1996 Golden Blackwing Gudanga aurea Moulds, 1996 Red Blackwing Gudanga boulayi Distant, 1905 Orange Blackwing Gudanga browni (Distant, 1913) Noonbah Blackwing Gudanga emmotti Ewart and Popple, 2013 Kalgoorlie Blackwing Gudanga kalgoorliensis Moulds, 1996 Southern Brigalow Blackwing Gudanga lithgowae Ewart and Popple, 2013 Mulga Blackwing Gudanga nowlandi Ewart and Popple, 2013 Croydon Blackwing Gudanga pterolongata Olive, 2007 Dark Red Blackwing Gudanga solata Moulds, 1996 database record
Currently known extent
Northern Brigalow Blackwing
Orange Blackwing
Southern Brigalow Blackwing
Dark Red Blackwing
Mulga Blackwing
Red Blackwing
Golden Blackwing