Eastern Ticker Crotopsalta fronsecetes Ewart, 2005
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Species number (TNS):        351. Fore wing length:               11–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  Occurs in Queensland from southwest of Mackay south to Expedition Range National Park and south-east to the Queensland/ New South Wales border Region. Adults may be present from September until early January. Notable localities:            Glenden (A. Ewart), Gurulmundi, Maryborough, Belmont, Boonah. Habitat:                                   In Greater Brisbane, populations are highly localised and found in areas of Swamp Sheoak (Casuarina glauca) and also in open eucalypt forest. At Gurulmundi, populations inhabitat heathland. Calling song and behaviour:    Fast, high frequency ticking, like the sound of a watch. Adults occur on the outer branches and in foliage of trees and shrubs. Similar species:                   Wilga Ticker, Rapid Ticker.
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