Crop Duster Diemeniana frenchi (Distant, 1907)
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Other name(s):                Strafer. Species number (TNS):        151. Fore wing length:               : 17–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  From Cooleman Caves and Moruya in southeastern New South Wales west through eastern and central Victoria to near Gisborne. Adults occur from December to February. Notable localities:        Dalgety, Tom Groggin, Orbost. Habitat:                                   Grassland on flood plains and along watercourses. Calling song and behaviour:    A long or short buzz ending in a characteristic stutter, often repeated. A closely related cicada, named Auburn Crop Duster, has an identical calling song. Adults sit on the stems of grasses and occasionally on small shrubs and forbs. Colour variation:               Specimens exhibit limited variation in colour. Similar species:                      Auburn Crop Duster.
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