Paperbark Tree-buzzer Nanopsalta basalis (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Previously known as Pauropsalta basalis. Species number (TNS):        447. Fore wing length:               12–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  In the tropical coastal and subcoastal regions of northern Queensland from Weipa south to Mackay. It can be found from October to February. Notable localities:              Mount Garnet, Proserpine. Habitat:                                   This species prefers to inhabit paperbark forests, but will sometimes occur in other woodlands. Calling song and behaviour:    A distinctive call with a long note followed by a rapid series of shorter notes. Each phrase is repeated after a brief pause, or emitted continuously. Populations are often local and adults prefer to sit on the trunks and main limbs of trees. It is a fairly static species, but will take flight if disturbed. Similar species:                  Straw Tree-buzzer, Yellow Tree- buzzer. database record
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