Golden-haired Firetail Yoyetta abdominalis (Distant, 1892)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta abdominalis. Other name(s):        Grasshopper Firetail, Tea-tree Firetail. Species number (TNS):        517. Fore wing length:               22–29 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  From the Brindabella Range in the Australian Capital Territory south through much of Victoria and west to south-east South Australia. It also occurs prominently the eastern part of Tasmania. Adults occur from November to January. Notable localities:               Nimmitabel, Otway National Park, Morwell (K. Harris), Strathbogie (B. Lobert), Hobart. Habitat:                                   Cool temperate eucalypt forest and subalpine woodland. Calling song and behaviour:    A coarse, 1.5 sec phrase ending with a sharp tick, somewhat like the song of a grasshopper. Occasionally other small intermittent phrases are produced. Adults typically perch on the upper branches of trees. Similar species:                    Wavering Firetail, Serrated Firetail. database record
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