Southern Ticking Ambertail Yoyetta sp. (cf. tristrigata)
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Species number (TNS):        484. Fore wing length:               23–28 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  From Adelaide in South Australia east through southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory to Talleganda National Park and north to Grenfell. A population also potentially occurs further north in New South Wales, in the Ballina district. Adults occur from October to January. Notable localities:             Canberra, Adelaide. Habitat:                                   Eucalypt woodland and adjacent parkland. Calling song and behaviour:    A series of sharp ticks, often produced whilst in flight. When calling males are stationary, occasionally a short, soft chirp is produced at the end of the bout of ticking. Adults sit on the upper branches and stems of eucalypts. Similar species:                Clicking Ambertail, Zipping Ambertail. database record
Currently known extent