Caramel Fizzer Jassopsaltria sp. 457
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Species number (TNS):        457. Fore wing length:               13–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  Northern Western Australia, including coastal districts from south-west of Broome to near Port Hedland and south-east of Halls Creek near the Northern Territory border. Adults have been observed from October to February. Notable localities:               Near Sandfire Roadhouse (Simon lab), Wolfe Creek. Habitat:                                   Low scrub, open shrubland and bare areas with sparse vegetation. Calling song and behaviour:    A high-pitched buzz that rises and falls in amplitude and ends abruptly. After each buzz a series of 2–3 chirps are produced.  Adults sit n the branches of shrubs where they remain fairly sedentary. Similar species:                 None; a distinctive cicada. database record
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